My love for the breed is the driving force behind all the time and effort that goes into maintaining this website for beagle lovers. You will find a lot of information about our favorite breed. All the pages within this site were composed by me. I am constantly adding and changing the information so please visit this site frequently. I hope you will enjoy this site because it is a labor of love. Now on to the wonderful world of beagles.
Tytus Field beagles began in 1996 with the purchase of a beagle. “Magic” was of an American line of Pickadilly and Daf-I-Dale’s from the United States. My dog “Magic” was also awarded Best Philippine Bred in Show several times. He became the first beagle to achieve the Hall of Fame status (Phil Gr Ch Meadow’s Fanto –HOF). He has sired a number of champions and that earned him the title Sire of Merit.
While enjoying the sport of pure bred dogs, I developed an eye for beagles. And as I grew with my beagles, I began to realize my own type of beagle. The standard of the breed was imprinted in my mind like the Ten Commandments, as a guide. But with the existing beagles we had here in the Philippines, my ideal type of beagle seemed impossible to produce. I then decided to import from Australia (Eaglbe Beagles) and from the United States (K-Run’s Beagles). I worked hard to breed beagles that are of the correct type and conformation. I breed for good health, sound movement and good temperament in and out of the show ring.

The second half of 2004, Philippine Canine Club, Inc. invited me to take a test about the breed standard of a beagle. I passed the test with a perfect score of a hundred. I guessed this was in preparation for me to become a beagle specialist judge. I have practiced judging in Bangkok, Thailand and in the different provinces of the Philippines. Currently, I have been approved as a beagle specialty judge and.I am also a member of the board of directors of Philippine Canine Club, Inc (PCCI).